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Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang: Tu Nian Ding Gua Gua

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Other name: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Moon Castle – The Space Adventure, 喜羊羊与灰太狼 之兔年顶瓜瓜
Plot Summary: The spring festival is around corner, but Mr. wolf doesn’t feel happy at all. Mrs. Wolf is going to have baby, but Mr. Wolf can’t catch any sheep. What is more, their castle is torn down making them homeless. Mr. Wolf needs to fight back. In the mean time, a sheep from the moon returns and tells the other sheep the secret of the sugar moon. The sheep go to the moon but are followed by wolfs. They are going to have war on the moon. Filled with different sorts of yummy candies, Moon used to be a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. It’s also the residence of the Moon fairy and her magical rabbit. But one day the Lord of Bitterness invades Moon with the intention of making their happy life miserable. The rabbit escapes to Earth and seeks help from Pleasant Goat, who then leads a ragtag group of rescuers – including his nemesis Big Big Wolf – to restore peace on Moon.

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